tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

The Tour 1973

What can we say? Isn't it the ''forgotten'' tour of ABBA?
From a small swedish group, to international super-stars!

Ready for party?

Did we remember everything?

Let's go!
Their first tour bus!! So cuuuuute!

Ready to win the whole worlds hearts.

Let's rock!

For the magazines. The new ''born'' stars.

Keep rocking that stage!!!

Even in the early days they could rock the stage!!

''Come on keep on rock it baby....''

''Ring Ring'' Nah... It was later, wasn't it? :-)

Let's siiiiiiiiiiiing!

So sweet!

The best pop band ever!

Sing on the streets {L}

''Is this on?''

''Play my music!''


Having fun!

WOOOOOOOOW!!! This pic rocks!!!!

Ahahahahahaha! Agnetha's face :-D!!!!!
Go Go!!!

''Sing with us!''

Enjoying the stage! 110% !

Team sing!

''We're ABBA, hello!''

I do not own this picture, or magazine.
It's one of my friends from an ABBA-fan club, who owns this.
...... More pictures soon!

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