onsdag den 21. juli 2010

A Frida Holiday!

Now where we have summer, why not imagine a FRIDA holiday? :-)
And these pictures seems so good for a ''holiday-session'' or... Whatever :-P
Enjoy friends!

Sitting in the plane and call the housekeeper to -
remind her about the flowers in the window.

Finally there! On with the sunglasses!!

Okay, now were here, let's go to the marina -
and go windsurfing?

Wuhuuuuuu!!! :-D

Aaaah! That was nice! Let's relax by the pool.

Oh! Stikkan is at the same place.

Streeeeeetching before swimming.

Mmmm. Nice to cool down.

What's on my lip? Hmm..
That was nothing... :-)

Hahaha, we have to swim like this too.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! :-D

And swim normal. This is great for motion too!

I love swimming! :-)

''Hey Benny, come down in the water! It GREAT!''

Relaxing before getting up of the pool. Hey our tourmanager,
- Thomas Johansson is here too!! What a small world ;-D

Now dry, now eat.

Mmmmm.... This taste good!

Benny, wanna taste?

Now relaaaaaax, and sun tanning :-D

Hej Lise-Lotte! You sleep late, eh?
Go down in the water, it great!

On the boat, before we return home.

I love holidays! {L}