tirsdag den 27. september 2011

Rock iiiiiiiiiiit!

One of these days, where you feel like you want to party! But the weird thing is..... IT'S TUESDAY!
Say what?! *Sigh*

YOU can dance, YOU can jiiiiiiiive!

Hallelujah, for the best group in the world.

Over and out! :-) Happy tuesday!

søndag den 25. september 2011

Back back back!

Hej guys!
I just wanted to tell you, that I also made a ''fashion blog''.
Pleaaaaaase follow me there as well :-)

Thank you!

And the daily picture for sure! :-)
Have a lovely sunny Sunday.

torsdag den 8. september 2011

There was something in the air that night....

I think, that is so touching to see, how happy they were. And how happy they looked at their wedding day! And it shocks me, that Björn chose Lena instead 8 years after. Say what?!