søndag den 18. april 2010

ABBA everyday, everywhere

Do you these days when you pass something who just remind you; ABBA!?
I do that alot. Also things who's very disco/70's style. Again; ABBA!

When I saw this one I was; MAMMA MIA!!!!!
An ABBA thing ;-)

Well. Sweden is a part of ABBA, in my eyes.
I don't know with you guys. But this is the swedish embassy,
in our capital Copenhagen, in my country, Denmark.

Well, here are we in Copenhagen again.
In front of the atmusement park, Tivoli. (If you go to Copenhagen, try to go in Tivoli. SOOOO FUN!)

--------> But anyway. MAMMA MIA! are going to be translated to DANISH!!!:-D :-D
I CAN'T wait! I have to see it.

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